Bangla Font

If you don’t see Bangla in your browser then follow the instruction


A) Download SolaimanLipi Bangla Font

SolaimanLipi is one of the most used Bangla fonts of the world. You may or may not have installed it in your computer. If not Download SolaimanLipi Here.

B) Add it in your Windows OS

If your computer runs on windows operating system, simply copy and paste the downloaded file (.ttf) to Drive C > Windows > Fonts folder.

2. Add it to your browser

a) If you are a Google Chrome User:

Go to chrome setting > from the bottom choose ‘show advanced settings…’

if you scroll down you will see options like ‘web content’, ‘font size’ etc. Click on ’Customize fonts…’

From there change the Standard font, Serif font, Sans-serif font, Fix-width font to ‘SolaimanLipi’ from the drop-down menu.

Click ’done’.

Close your browser (restart can be needed) and then open again and visit the site. It should show the SolaimanLipi font.

A) Easy SolaimanLipi Bangla font in Mobile Phone via Google Chrome

We suggest you to install Google chrome in your mobile phone if you are also using this browser in your computer. You can then sync the settings from computer browser by logging in to your Google chrome account in mobile phone.

b) If you are a Mozilla Firefox User:

Click on the ‘Firefox’ Tab on the top left of the browser. From there go to Options > Options > Content Tab. You will see options like ‘Fonts and Colors’, ‘Default Font’ etc. Click on ‘Advanced’.

Then Set –

Fonts For: Bengali

Serif: SolaimanLipi

Sans Serif: SolaimanLipi

Monospace: SolaimanLipi

Click ‘Ok’ and you are done. Now go to the site again and Oala!

C) If you are a opera mini user: